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Working in any sector of social environment is an engaging experience, which improves and gets us in touch with stories, growth, desires, unusual ways of living but always unique.

For STARTER a fundamental asset is the centrality of human resources, in addition to their commitment, motivation and social identity. Due to the collaboration of professionals and experts, that make available their skills, we can realize our projects in Italy.

The skills we are looking for are published in this section from time to time.

To collaborate with us

STARTER is constantly engaged in new projects. We are interested in professional figures in the following areas:

  • Education and training;
  • Cultural cooperation;
  • Social and institutional communication;
  • EU institutions;
  • Third sector;
  • Translation (all languages);
  • New medias;
  • IT;
  • Web and graphic design;
  • Illustration;
  • Journalism;
  • Fund raising;
  • Logistic.

For spontaneous applications you can send a CV and a cover letter to:

We also select professional Educators and Psychologists with at least two-year experience in residential and semi-residential structures for minors / adolescents.